INEVCO Miljö Sweden AB is a consultancy that advises on environmental issues. We have extensive and profound experience of most environmental matters that exist within different types of companies and organisations. In addition to conventional environmental consulting assignments for industrial operations.

Range of services

The following list outlines our range of services/products:

Legislation-related consulting assignments

- Preparation of documentation for licence applications according to the Environmental Code.
- Environmental impact assessments (EIA).
- Preparation of proposals for inspection programmes and assistance in implementing companies' monitoring.
- Implementation of environmental inspections and compilation/preparation of annual environmental reports.

Environmental-technical assignments

- Surveys, measuring work and tests of emissions into water, air and the ground.
- Analysis and characterisation of industrial wastewater and drinking water.
- Planning, design and function inspections of treatment plants.


Training courses

- Various types of environmental courses, both general ones and courses tailor-made for specific companies.